Willow Loop Motorcycle Tour

When Jim and Twila Rose convinced us to come to the Texas hill country in January rather than San Antonio, one of their arguments was that this is THE place in Texas to ride motorcycles. Wow, were they right.

The Willow Loop Road is about a 30 minute scenic ride from our Stonewall RV park. Once we reached Willow City, we spent the next hour leisurely winding our way through the rugged Texas hill country. As you can see by the pictures below, it was a wonderful adventure, filled with outstanding scenery and something unexpected around almost every corner.

Despite the good pictures below, we missed the best picture of the day. We surprised an adult desert bighorn sheep, who promptly ran across the road about 50′ in front of us and disappeared into the brush. I had my camera, but I could not get the cover off the lens and focus in time. We normally would have captured that shot would our GoPro dashcam, but I forgot to charge it last night and we left it home.

We also missed a large flock of wild turkeys, but did capture the black buzzards, who were roused from their resting places by our arrival..

We have taken the Can Am on 7 or 8 memorable trips in its short tenure, and this was one of the most memorable.

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  1. I think it is great that you are getting to take a trip like this! Keep on having fun! Love the pictures. Glen

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