San Antonio Above and Below

Over new year’s, we flew to DC for a belated Christmas celebration with Hayley and her family. Flying in and out of San Antonio, we decided to cushion our return by spending a couple of nights there and spend a day sightseeing.

Having been in the city once before, we had already seen the Alamo, so prioritized some other sights this time around and did not make it back there on this occasion. So the top 10 below will be taken from the Tower of the Americas, a very blatant clone of the Space Needle (and built for the same world’s fair-type event), and from the River Walk.

For those unfamiliar with the walk, a small river flowed through downtown San Antonio. The problem was that it routinely flooded. So the city converted it into a sophisticated dam and lock system to prevent this. But once there, they realized the commercial applications, and transformed the river into a subterranean maze of hotels, shops, and restaurants. Most of the eating venues have outdoor seating. On this 75 degree day in January, it was spectacular!

2 thoughts on “San Antonio Above and Below”

  1. I was stationed at San Antonio at Ft. Sam Huston as a 2nd lieutenant there in 1968 to take the course in Medical Supply. I went from there to Ft. Bragg, NC and from there to Ft. Benning, GA to jump school for special forces. I then was then stationed at Ft. Bragg in the 3rd Special Forces green berets for a year, and then from there to Vietnam for 1969. I ran the medical supply warehouse there for the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Then in 1970 returned to Ft. Bragg in my last year in the service. I was a captain in that year.
    All of the sites you photographed in San Antonio were not there when I was. It was just a very hot place and Mary and I melted daily in the heat and humidity.

    1. Wow, I’m impressed! I never knew you were a Green Beret. Thank you for your service. We enjoyed our visit to San Antonio, but I would not want to spend any time there in the summer and definitely would not want to live there. Visiting in January with drinks on the Riverwalk was definitely the way to go!

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