How big is our rig?

The 2013 New Horizons fifth wheel is 37′ long.  It has 3 slides — bedroom, galley and living room.  When opened up, it has about 300 square feet of floor space.  It is quite heavy.  Completely empty, it weighs 17,500 pounds.  By comparison, a similarly sized Montana is about 13,000 pounds.  This is what requires 3 axles.

When connected to the truck, we are approximately 53′ long.

What’s Your Diesel Mileage?

I reset the mileage calculator when we left Spokane.  Three weeks into the trip we are averaging just over 10 MPG.  It is a little less than this while pulling the 20K pound trailer and more than this when unloaded.  We plan to average about 1000 miles per month, which means about 100 gallons of fuel, which results in a spend of between $350/month on diesel fuel.  When we had 2 cars at home, our fuel budget was about $200 per month even when we didn’t go anywhere.

Where Are the Drone and the Spyder?

My plan was to purchase a DJI Mavic drone just before we left on the trip, planning on the new version, which was to be released mid-July.  Then DJI postponed the release until Aug 23.  The new drone has a superior camera and better crash protection, both of which I really want.  I will order the drone when I can, but don’t expect to have it until sometime in September.

In order to haul the Can-Am Spyder, we need a deck mounted to the back of the RV.  We have scheduled this to happen at the very end of August, then purchase the Spyder afterward.  Will post pictures when it happens.