From May 2018 to April 2020, we lived full-time in a luxurious New Horizons fifth wheel trailer. But after two years, we decided it was time to move back into a “sticks and bricks” home. But we also knew we were not finished exploring our beautiful country. So we swapped the comfort of the fifth wheel for the practicality of a very small class A Winnebago. As my wife points out, we moved down a level or two in style and amenities but we moved up in flexibility. Driving a 27′ rig down the road is a WHOLE lot easier than a 65′ truck, trailer, and deck

Meet “Cutie,” our latest rig. She is a 2015 Winnebago Vista. With one slide, everything is compact, but easily geared to camping in state and national parks!

This replaced our fifth wheel trailer and truck combo that toured the country, affectionately known as “Beauty and the Beast.”

This is a picture of our home on wheels when we bought it in December 2017.  The truck is a 2007 Ford F550 with a 6.0 diesel engine .  You have seen many of these rigs, but probably did not recognize them.  Most 550s serve as paramedic trucks or utility rigs.  It is a purpose-built truck, designed for hauling.  The Fifth Wheel trailer is a 37′ New Horizons Summit, built in 2013.  These coaches are built for full-time living, with custom heavy steel frame.  Together they form a very comfortable way to see the country!


Aug 28, 2018 — We added an Idaho Tote!

At the end of August, we turned our fifth wheel into a toy hauler by adding a deck onto the back.  This will be the new home for our Can Am Spyder, which we will take delivery on a week later.  Because it attaches at two points to the trailer (see picture below) and does not swivel, it effectively becomes part of the trailer, converting our 35′ trailer into a 42′ toy hauler!

Sep 6, 2018 — We added a Can-Am Spyder

Now that we have created a “toy hauler,” here is the toy that goes along for the ride.  This is a 2018 Can Am Spyder RT.  It is a 2-passenger touring bike made by Bombardier, a Canadian firm.  It is extremely stable and easy to drive, and provides an alternative to using the truck to explore.  Getting it on and off the trailer was a little daunting because of the low clearance of the cycle, but we were able to do it with a couple of tweaks to the ramps.