Texas “Hill Country”

There is a specific portion of Texas that goes by the title of “the hill country,” and literally everyone in Texas will know what area you mean when you use that term. There is debate, however, as to what forms the eastern boundary. This is because there is both a geographic and a cultural aspect to the moniker. Although Austin shares the geographical similarities of the rest of the region, it is a liberal bastion in what is otherwise generally called the REAL Texas.

Therefore, as you leave hilly Austin and drive west, you will come to a sign welcoming you to the hill country. It makes no sense until you experience it. Here is a little taste of the REAL hill country. Best I can tell, it involves at least 4 major things: bodacious food, serious drink, toe-tapping country music, and a rich history of freedom.

Much as we liked Austin, I’m pretty sure that most of Austin would not understand this at all. So I’m going with what the sign says.