Amish Grocery Store

On our first full day in Illinois, our friends Dick and Joyce Simms took us to a nearby Amish community. Our sightseeing took us first to a bulk grocery store. At first glance, it appears much the same as any bulk store you may visit. But most details are not the same. I thought some of you might be fascinated, as I was, with the ways in which it is different.

3 thoughts on “Amish Grocery Store”

  1. My sister, Ann, and I really enjoyed visiting a couple of Amish stores in Missouri. As you said, they carry a lot of interesting and unusual products, and they had beautiful boxed greeting cards for a song.

    1. If we lived nearby, we would frequent the place. We bought a half dozen items and checked out a lot that I would like if we had more storage space. We also visited an Amish store in town with beautiful furniture.

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