St. Louis Baseball

After a fairly easy day trip across Missouri from the western border (Kansas City) to the eastern border (St. Louis), we set up camp just inside Illinois and were blessed by having son Ben join us to take in a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game.

Weather was warm but “iffy,” with persistent rain both before and after the game. But fortunately we managed to squeeze the game into a dry and delightfully pleasant late April afternoon.

As many of you know, my goal is to go to all 30 major league ballparks. At 15, this one marks the half-way point in the quest. It was a very good game, won by the home team, 6-3, and featured several home runs and exciting moments. As a Mariner fan, I was envious of the long Cardinal record of baseball excellence. They have 11 World Series titles in around 20 appearances. The Mariners, although a newer franchise, have never been to the Series.

One of the great surprises and pleasures included being able to park within a block of the stadium for $20, and have almost no traffic delay leaving the park. This is only the second time (Anaheim being the first) when this has happened. Kudos, St. Louis!

The pictures below show some scenes of the game and the downtown area around the park. As you can tell, it was a delightful day. I failed to get pictures of the excellent (but pricey) food — made to order Asian stir-fry and “hot out of the fryer” mini-donuts. Another “A” for this park.