Shelbyville, IL

From 1974 through 1976, among our closest friends were Dick and Joyce Simms. In fact, Joyce reminded us that the four of us actually considered buying a house together in San Bernardino, CA. But in the spring of 1976 I was accepted into seminary in Portland, OR. Although we have mailed back and forth over the years, we had not seen Dick and Joyce for 43 years…until this week, when our “reconnecting with family and friends” mission brought us to their hometown of Shelbyville, IL.

It was a wonderful reunion, and the Simms were outstanding hosts. We had dinner at their farmstead and explored the wonders of Shelbyville and the surrounding area. It is a wonderful part of the country, oozing with quirky landmarks (a gigantic cross and two-story outhouse), Midwest charm (a Mennonite village and store, shown in a previous post), and an abundance of history (the homestead and burial place of Abraham Lincoln’s father Tom, complete with educational reenactors).

The pictures below show just a few of the memories of our time.