Just north of Dallas lies a suburb called Frisco.  In addition to housing the Dallas Cowboy training facility, which I wouldn’t mind seeing someday, it is also home to a full-size train museum AND a million-dollar model railway.

The model railway, now open under the name “Traintopia” was the lifelong hobby of a Texas businessman.  When he died his family donated the train for the public to see.  It contains scenes from his entire life.  The room changes from daylight scenes to night scenes.  The highlights are a working drive-in theatre (showing “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when we were there), and a busy downtown scene with working streetlights and car lights.  It was fun to share this experience with Ben and Cate.  Ben has my old mid-1950s Lionel train.

2 thoughts on “Traintopia”

  1. Looks like the tracks are double rails instead of triple like I have. Special and more realistic.
    I bought my Linoel train in 1957. It sets up on a shelf now to keep me young at heart.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    K J

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