Oatman, Arizona

I am posting this out of order.  While we were visiting Cheri and Peter in Kingman, Arizona, they agreed to take us to Oatman, the “ghost town that refuses to die.”  Ellen wanted to visit because her book group read the story of Olive Oatman, the woman for whom the town is named.  Olive’s settler family was attacked by native Americans, and she was captured, while the rest of her family died during the attack or in captivity.  The book is called “The Blue Tattoo.”

It is very difficult to get to Oatman, which is well into the high desert area of Arizona.  The town is now overrun by wild burros which are descended from the original miner burros.  The whole town is a giant tourist trap, but it is fun, as you can see below.

3 thoughts on “Oatman, Arizona”

    1. I have a T-shirt from Oatman. Went there about 4 years ago on a motorcycle trip. Spent the nite in Kingman, but did not have Cheri’s phone number , so was not able get ahold of her. Oatman is a neat little town. I’m glad you are having fun!

      1. Glen — The trip from Kingman to Oatman was scenic and a little daunting in a car. Motorcycle would definitely be the way to go there. We are planning a trip to “twisted sisters,” which is the most famous motorcycle route in Texas, before we leave. By the way, we plan to see you in Kansas mid-April. Any timing we should plan around?

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