Fascinating Fredericksburg

During January, we have been parked about 15 miles from the small, fascinating German town of Fredericksburg. How German is it? Well, it was founded in 1846 by Baron Otfried Hans von Meusebach, new Commissioner General of the “Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas.” It was named after King Frederick of Prussia. Some people it town still speak German. We are told that people actually come from Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest here.

While “Freddy” is not the biggest town in the area, it is one of the more prosperous, as the primary town in the largest winegrowing area in the US outside of California. They also grow peaches, olives, and pecans, all great tourist attractions. This has allowed the town to preserve and proudly display its heritage.

So, I took my trusty Nikon to capture just a little bit of the architectural charm of this delightful city.