Kansas City: Grandkid Rendezvous

One of the joys of traveling in the fifth wheel has been the ability to connect from time to time with grandchildren. While in Oregon, we had the opportunity to host Tyler and Bentley on a couple of occasions, and had Anna join us from Virginia. When in Colorado for Jen’s wedding, Hayley flew in with Luke, and we had the opportunity to show him the trailer.

For the last 5 days, ending on Easter, we had the privilege of hosting Anna and Luke together for their spring break. They had originally planned to go to a camp during this week, but instead came to “Camp Grandma and Grandpa.”

We did all we could to make it a fun time for them, spending one day at a playground, one at Legoland (with attached aquarium), and two at the local amusement park, called “Worlds of Fun.” In fact, we camped at the RV park right next to Worlds of Fun, with the roller coaster looming right outside our window. Fortunately, the park is only open on Friday and Saturday this week, so we were spared the late night screams emanating from the roller coaster the rest of the time. I can imagine this might be a little noisy in summer.

Many of you will look at the pictures below and say, “Where are the grandkids?” There are none. Since this is a public blog, open to anyone on the Internet, we put grandchildren pictures on a password protected page and give the password only to family members. If you are one of that privileged group of people, you will find “Camp Grandma and Grandpa” as a new entry in the Bryan family album section.

The pictures that are here, however, will give you a good sense of the wonderful kid venues located in Kansas City. And I also highly recommend the RV park. After staying in some 40 parks thus far, there are things I have come to really appreciate in a good campground: concrete pads (most are gravel), long sites (these are 100′, among the longest), good water pressure, easy roads to navigate, trash cans at every campsite. All this, and it’s cheap — one of the lowest daily rates we have experienced. In addition, guests who stay here get a discount off amusement park admission. There are no big trees, so TV reception is great. What’s not to like?