Grand Teton Top 10 Pictures

Grand Teton NP

The first National Park on the itinerary was Grand Teton NP.  After a long travel day, we had 3 nights and 2 full days.  As you can see, we had FABULOUS fall weather and saw most of the iconic sights of this park, which has a special place in our hearts.  Ellen and I met in Yellowstone and our first “date” was to hitchhike here.  It was a glorious time in this glorious place!  Click on each icon to see the full size image.

5 thoughts on “Grand Teton Top 10 Pictures”

  1. Stunning pictures of God’s beautiful creation! And yes, that looks like a definite Christmas Card photo! And yippee, I received an email notification of this blog!!!!
    Mom and Dad are here and I’m enjoying them so much and they send their love too, and miss not being able to see you … i miss you guys too!

  2. Great pics! Does Chapel of the Transfiguration need a pastor? That’s scenery I could really get used to!

  3. I’m getting your notifications … and finding time just now to catch up with you. Thank you for those gorgeous pictures. How can anyone doubt the existence of our Creator when seeing this.

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