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  1. Hey Tote and Ken – I think we found your blog! Not much here, so we suppose you have been very busy, with lots of various things, and there is much more to come soon, so we will “watch this space!”

    1. Bob — You found the right spot. More content coming soon. At the moment, work gets in the way! Ken

  2. I know I’m going to enjoy reading of your adventures and lessons learned! 🙂
    My question is, what do I do so that I will be automatically notified thru my email when you post something on your blog???
    xxoo Dawn Olsen

    1. Dawn —
      I know there is a way to get automatic updates, but I don’t know how to do it. I’ll have to research it.

  3. Wow – looking good guys! Really interesting write-up on the “downsizing” and research process too. I am looking forward to hearing the stories of touring around on the Spyder and seeing the video from the Drone. And thank you for the great family photos!

    1. Thanks, Bob. We purchased the Spyder yesterday, but it will not be ready for delivery for another 5 days. Will get pictures up soon! New drone is only available via mail from China right now. Since I can’t predict the exact day it will arrive, I can’t use that option yet. Will probably be a couple more weeks before I can arrange delivery via Amazon or a regular store.

    1. Thanks for subscribing. I figured out you only get notifications when I do a new blog post, so check out today’s with 10 awesome pictures.

    1. Thanks, Jubilee!
      We are on the road again and will be posting more soon. How did you find our site?

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