10 Pictures From “America’s Mountain”

We have been to Colorado Springs many times over the years.  Each time we marveled at Pike’s Peak, which towers over the city and is visible from every part of town.  But we never had the time or opportunity to actually make the trek up “America’s Mountain,” as they have dubbed it.  So this time, with beautiful weather, the Can Am, and enough time in the schedule we decided to make the trip.  As the blog says, “if not now, when?”

We decided the Can Am is the perfect way to see the mountain.  It is small and nimble for the hairpin turns, but stable enough to handle the wind and bumps.  And the views were tremendous, as you can see.  As you might guess, it was a little windy at the top.

7 thoughts on “10 Pictures From “America’s Mountain””

  1. Wonderful pictures! So glad your getting to see all of these “wonders “,and you’re enjoying it so much! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Good coffee and donuts are a good choice anytime, but especially after getting chilled and windblown. Beautiful pictures and views. Living vicariously with you from your posts and pics.

  3. Ken,
    Thank you for allowing us to “go along with you”. The pictures are just breathtaking. You 2 look great. Stay safe!!

    1. Thanks, Britta. We are now in Albuquerque for the world’s largest balloon festival. More pictures on the way!

  4. Love that drive and that view. I could see Pikes Peak from my bedroom window all the years growing up in Colorado Springs. It’s the landmark that helped me know what direction I was going.
    It was so, so great to visit with you both in Polson recently 🙂

    1. We enjoyed the visit immensely also. I didn’t know you grew up in the Springs. For years we visited family there, each time saying “We have to go up the mountain sometime” but never did Finally we took to heart the subtitle on the blog: “if not now, when?” Fabulously memorable day.

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