Two Days in a Castle

About two hours by train from Milan lies Lake Garda, a lovely mountain lake dotted on the edges by resort communities and fringed by the Italian Alps to the north. Perched on a hillside sloping into the western side of the lake is Moniga del Garda, one of these resort towns. Moniga’s most prominent feature is a 900-year-old castle perched on the high ground overlooking the lake.

In our research, we discovered that it is possible to rent an apartment inside this castle, and we planned our itinerary around the 2-day availability of this unit. This blog will follow my preferred pattern of letting the pictures and their captions tell the story of our delightful two-day stay in this unique place..

4 thoughts on “Two Days in a Castle”

    1. Just wait until I post the photos of the Dolomites, or Italian Alps. If they don’t make you want to go back, nothing will.

  1. What an incredible place to see and visit!! Makes me want to start packing!! Thanks…your photos are amazing as usual!

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