Trading in Our Fifth Wheel

We do not regret our choice of New Horizons as a fifth wheel in which to tour the country. “Beauty” (so named because she was matched to our massive F-550 truck, affectionately known as “Beast.”) was a wonderful place to call home for two years.

But when we moved back into a “sticks and bricks” home, we transitioned to only part-time RVing. For that, we wanted something smaller, more nimble, and a bit more “blue collar,” as we now wanted to focus more on camping time locations and less on places with full hookups. We wanted a rig that would be right at home boondocking in a 30 foot site next to a trout lake or taking on a 300-mile travel day.

For months, we went back and forth between class C’s and class A’s. The C would be more nimble, and probably would never require a towed vehicle. The A is more comfortable and spacious. In the end, we settled on what we consider to be the RV “sweet spot,” a 26′ Winnebago Vista. It is funny to see people’s reactions to this 5-year-old rig. Non-RVers think it is huge. As you can see by the pictures below, it doesn’t quite fit in a driveway.

Full-timers think it is small. In almost all respects, it is just big enough, with its RV queen (i.e., short) bed, barely passable shower, single slide, modest refrigerator, and room to sleep 2 adults and 1-2 kids. But it is just the size we were looking for, and we think it’s cute. And in the end, that became how “Cutie” got here name.

We have now had the rig out for a 2-night shakedown trip into the Idaho woods and a 4-night, 900-mile jaunt through 2 national parks in WA. These are the types of trips we planned for this rig, and it has performed well. Later this summer or fall will come the bigger test: can we handle a long trip in this small amount of space?