Tower of London

We took far superior photos on our second trip to London, 2.5 years after our first foray there. Some reasons are obvious: the weather was better (fall instead of spring); we had a longer uninterrupted stay (5 days), and we had significantly better camera equipment. But we also had the advantage of researching better settings and better times of day to shoot (see Millennium Bridge and Buckingham Palace before the crowds arrive).

With five days and so many sites, choosing only ten photos for London would leave out so much. So I created two blog entries. This first one displays the Tower of London, a castle that has been on this site for a millennium, and nearby Tower and Millennium Bridge). The second entry will focus on Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum.

While we photographed the exterior of the Tower of London on our first visit, we discovered it to be very well worth the paid tour of the place. On advice from Rick Steves and others, we arrived before the 9:00 opening time and headed straight for the building that houses the Crown Jewels. This is kind of like heading to the most popular rides as soon as you enter Disneyland. At 9:00 we could walk straight in. By noon, the wait would be almost an hour.