Cruising the UK

Our fourth trip to Europe was focused on the UK, the western edge of the continent. We are now over half way through our six-trip plan to explore Europe. When it was done, we had seen the east, west, and south, and taken the overview trip into the center. What now remains is the northern tour (Copenhagen to St. Petersburg) and our newly added in-depth tour back into the center, which is scheduled for spring of 2020.

This trip was our third one on the Princess line, and good as always. We flew into London a few days early, intent on getting a more expanded view of a city visited previously. The Rick Steves organization says there are 4 cities in Europe that could legitimately take more that a week to explore: London, Paris, Rome, and Istanbul. We can attest that this is certainly true of the first two.

After an excellent visit to the capital, we embarked on a 12-night cruise that visited primarily Ireland, northern Ireland, and Scotland, with a final, emotional stop at Normandy, where we did a full D-Day tour. This is not a “pleasant weather” tour; it was nice less than half the days, while cold and damp the rest of the time. But then again, that is natural for this climate, and we were traveling in the fall.

Here is the overview. i added a few extra points on the map to better show the route of the ship, but we stopped in all of the major ports shown. I heartily recommend this cruise.