Top 10 Grand Canyon North Rim Pictures

We arrived at Fredonia, Arizona, having made the decision to park the RV for a month and see the sights of southern Utah by taking truck or motorcycle trips from a home base.  But first up on the agenda was a quick trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Only about 10% of the visitors to the park come to the north.  Most choose to visit the more iconic south rim, with its multiple view points and vast rocky vistas.  But the north rim is worth a trip, as you can see below.

We had to make the trip quickly, because the park is only open through October 15, meaning we had only 3 days to choose from for the journey.

We made the 144-mile round trip in our Can Am, enjoying the fall colors along the way.  While we were colder for a longer period, the trip was certainly bearable.  But the hot lattes at the end were very welcome.

The afternoon turned sunny, which was nice for sitting outside and enjoying the view, but not as perfect for photography.  Nonetheless, we have some good picture reminders of a special day.

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