The Ark Encounter

One of our favorite aspects of RV travel is the opportunity to see sights along the way that we did not anticipate when we first planned the trip. In most cases we would not design a trip for these locations, but being “in the area” makes them wonderfully enriching experiences. Examples along this trip include Wall Drug and the Corn Palace in South Dakota, the LL Bean flagship store in Maine and Monticello in Virginia.

On this trip, our last such gem was the Ark Encounter, a massive and spectacularly constructed re-creation of Noah’s ark. Located in northern Kentucky, our final continental US state in which to drive an RV, this complex contains a full-size replica of the ark, according to biblical specifications. But it is not simply a massive, battleship-sized boat. Inside, the three decks lay out a systematic case designed to answer the complex questions that would naturally accompany the biblical account:

  • How many animals would have been necessary?
  • How could they feed and water them and handle waste?
  • Is this feasible with the technology of the day?
  • How would this whole story fit in with dinosaurs, the Grand Canyon, and animal species?

The pictures below show both how massiveness and intricacy of the structure. You cannot help but be amazed at both the size and the detail.

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