Prague, Czech Republic

Our first trip we took only a phone (which I lost) and an iPad for pictures. The second trip I took a real camera, a low end Nikon SLR. For some pictures, the difference was not discernible, but for others, it is dramatic. Here, at the start of our third trip, I not only had the new camera, but I actually planned some specific photo opportunities, and this city and Budapest became my favorite cities to photograph.

The city is bisected by the Vitava River. Several bridges cross it, but the most scenic and the most famous is the Charles Bridge, a walking bridge with medieval statues blackened with age and arched entrances guarding both ends. It is particularly scenic at sunrise. We spent 3 glorious days in Prague, walking almost everywhere. We toured the old city center, with its statue of martyred reformer Jan Hus, climbed the tower of the cathedral, built with its flying buttresses and of the same vintage as Notre Dame. We saw the palace, one of the largest in Europe, and read the history of the country’s failed revolt against communism in 1968, and the successful overthrow of communist rule in 1989. We toured the most interesting graveyard we have ever seen, and feasted on hearty local fare, including roast duck.

Three days passed too quickly, but I had enough photographs to make it difficult to choose just 10. Some were selected for artistic beauty, others for the poignant back stories. By the way, the cover photo for this page is a scene of the church at the edge of the town square, taken from the clock tower, with my camera set on “painting” mode.