Eastern European Capitals

Our third trip to Europe was our simplest. By now, we had decided that we could cover the bulk of Europe in 5 trips (north, south, east, west, and center):

  • Our first, into the heart of Europe,
  • The cruise, in which we covered the major southern countries,
  • This trip, to the major eastern European cities
  • A trip around the western portion: British isles and the coast of France
  • A final northern excursion around the Baltic, to include St. Petersburg and Scandinavia

This was our simplest trip because it was the quickest (10 days), and we used a trip planning service (European Destinations) to plan the itinerary. It was simple. We told them the 3 places we wanted to go and when, and it set up the airfare, hotels, and train tickets. We were able to upgrade hotels for a nominal amount and found the total experience to be excellent.