On The Road Again: The Year Two Plan

Year one of our RV adventure (Aug 2018 to Aug 2019), was a massive, 33-state road trip filled with frequent moves highlighted by visits to national parks, baseball stadiums, and family.

Year two promises to be a very different adventure. By comparison, the itinerary will be much more compact, as you can see:

The basic outline is pretty simple:

  • We spent two months in Spokane, recovering from Ellen’s knee replacement surgery
  • We are spending the month of October working our way to Arizona, visiting family along the way
  • We will spend 4 months in Arizona, trying out the “snowbird thing”
  • In March through May, we will leave the RV and take a “plane and air B&B” vacation (details later). We are actually considering selling the RV at this time and transitioning to a different type of RV when we return. Although we are super satisfied with our fifth wheel, we are considering leasing a house in Spokane as a more permanent home base for years three and beyond. In that scenario, it seems to make sense to downsize a bit to more of a “traveling hotel room” instead of our current traveling home.
  • In June and July we will work our way back to Spokane, visiting family along the way. We anticipate that replacement of the second knee may be in the offing at that point.

By the way, the cover photo for this entry is Mount Rainier, taken from near White Pass.