Magical Medora

Do you remember the song about Leroy Brown? He wasn’t just “bad” Leroy Brown. He was “bad, bad” Leroy Brown. Well, apparently in the USA there are Badlands, and then there are the BAD Badlands, which every knows are in the western portion of South Dakota.

So where are the “not so bad” Badlands? Well, apparently they are in the southwest corner of North Dakota. Here lies Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a scenic portion of the country made famous because Teddy Roosevelt spent a significant portion of time here recovering from political defeat and the loss of both his wife and his mother on the same day. He later attributed his successful presidential campaign to the time spent in this region.

Adjacent to the National Park is the beautiful little tourist town of Medora, whose claim to fame is a nightly musical that, for more than 50 years, has celebrated the North Dakota badlands and their presidential favorite son.

As you will see below, the show is in a gorgeous setting and is slickly produced. But there is more. Before the show, you can enjoy a fabulous “steak fondue” dinner and live music in this fabulous venue.

What exactly is “steak fondue?” Well, you take several 12-oz steaks, stab them onto the tines of a pitchfork, then dip the entire tip in boiling oil. So exactly how good is deep fried steak? Well, I’m not sure it’s the best steak I’ve ever had, but it’s certainly in contention. They were fabulous (and I am sure calorie-laden). And, as you can see, the accompanying “fixins” were great as well.

The view, the dinner and the show made for a fantastic evening. And, as you can see, there were some surprise guests along the way that even put it over the top.

Go to the North Dakota badlands. Experience Medora. You will not regret it.