Little Bighorn Reenactment

At least 4 times during this last year we have made revisions to either our itinerary or schedule based on input we receive from others on our way. Every change has proven to be well worth it.

Our itinerary always included a planned stop at Little Bighorn Battlefield. We were planning to arrive this coming Wednesday and stay for a week. Four days ago, when we told a camping neighbor where we were headed, they said, “so are you going to join us at the reenactment?” Seeing our dumfounded looks, they explained that once a year, on the weekend closest to the date of the battle, a group of 300 reenactors recreate the battle. The show is repeated 3 times on Friday through Sunday, but only on this weekend.

Intrigued, we revised our itinerary and spent 3 consecutive days on the road in order to get here for the final show. It actually turned out to be the only show, as the first two were cancelled due to rain.

The show was not what we expected, but it was still fascinating. Told from the native American perspective, the show detailed the entire history leading up to the battle, including pre-white man life and the changes which came with trappers, explorers, settlers and missionaries. The actual battle only took about 15 minutes of the 90 minute show, but it was all fascinating, and filled with spectacular up close encounters with horses and riders.

This week, we will visit the National Monument itself. But if you ever have the chance to see this version of the story, we highly recommend it.