Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Game

Our cross country trip was planned around 4 specific dates:  Tyler’s birthday, Jen’s wedding, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, and the Dallas Cowboy game.  Here are the highlights of a fabulous (and victorious) game, although it has its share of “moments,” mostly around getting the falsely advertised Thanksgiving dinner and working around the $120 stadium parking.

3 thoughts on “Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Game”

    1. Barbara —
      Here is the real story of the Thanksgiving dinner. About 45 minutes before kickoff, Ben and I went in search of the turkey dinner that had been advertised on TV as being served at the Cowboy game. The only special dinner they served was ham, two levels up and on the opposite side of the stadium. They were already sold out and we waited for them to bring extra supplies. Had to get drinks elsewhere. Missed the kickoff and opening touchdown. Went down 2 levels, found out we could not go all the way around the stadium at that level, so went up two levels again, around and back down. Not only was food cold, but my son spilled gravy trying to carry it in the plates they served it on.

      Having the Cowboys win made it all worth it, though.

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