America the Beautiful “Orphans”

Every blog system has its strengths and weaknesses. By posting only the top 10 pictures of each location we visit, I hope to provide enough information to tell the story, but keep it short enough that people don’t lose interest before the end of the post.

One weakness of this approach is that I sometimes have some wonderful pictures that never make it into the blog, because they are “one off,” e.g., a single outstanding photo taken from the road that has no real story, or a clip from a drone video that didn’t warrant a post all its own.

By the time we arrived home, I had a good collection of these orphan photos, so I decided to create a sort of “pot pourri” blog post of nice pictures that are from mostly unconnected sites. Individually, they have no story. Half are taken from drone videos, and the others are from the RV or with a cell phone as we walked about not looking from something to photograph. Collectively they portray the variety and richness of “America the Beautiful.” Enjoy!

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