Adam’s Turn to Show Off

OK, for months the humans in this group have had their chance to show off with all their artsy pictures, and fanciful stories. Now it’s MY turn. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the mover and shaker in this outfit. You see, my name is Adam, and I’m the truck. They may think they’re the brains, but I am the muscle.

Most of the time, I get no respect. Even my name was an afterthought. You see, they bought this beautiful trailer and immediately named here “Belle,” the “Beauty” part of “Beauty and the Beast.” Since I was the second half of this combined purchase, they simply named me “the Beast.” Then they found out that the Prince-turned-into-Beast-and-back-again” was really Prince Adam in the story. So, they named me after him.

You will notice that in the 50 or so blog posts that have gone up here, I am hardly ever seen. Indeed, I haul this outfit thousands of miles all over the country and many people have hardly ever seen me.

But today, finally, they agreed to let me post MY pictures on this blog. These are all the shots that always ended up on the cutting room floor after editing. I guess I don’t have the winning smile, and it’s tough to compete with some of the scenery we have seen — most of which I hauled them to see.

So here are my top ten from our first ten months on the road.

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