A Picture-Perfect Campground

After camping in well over 100 different locations in approximately 40 states, and most of them for just a short time, it is hard to name a favorite campsite. But I can name the one that is the most photogenic. Red Gate Farms in Savannah, Georgia wins, hands down.

Want history? It was once both a Confederate encampment and a resting place for some of General Sherman’s men when they finished the “march to the sea” in December 1864, when he presented the city as a “Christmas present” to Abraham Lincoln after the infamous “march to the sea” from Atlanta.

Want charm? Until recently, this was a dairy, and still offers horseback riding and features friendly goats. But all of the buildings have been re-done and modernized as a wedding venue. As you can see, there are spectacular background settings for photos. A privately-owned house and the former barn and granary are now all state of the art wedding or reception venues. The RV Park is an add-on to the whole location.

The pictures below were all taken either from our RV site or from walks around the property.

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