A Change in Direction

As many of you know, our plan was to be on Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia this August, culminating our first year of RV travel. But halfway into the trip, we made a change in direction. Ellen’s balky left knee needs attention, probably surgery. And when we added up the list of all our annual medical and dental appointments, we decided it would be better to re-route back to Spokane. The rest of the trip will be much as planned, except that we will head west from Michigan instead of continuing Northeast.

The plan is to be back in Spokane for the month of September, our favorite month in the Inland Northwest. We plan to hook up with as many family and friends as we can during that time.

Here is our new itinerary from Texas back to Spokane.

3 thoughts on “A Change in Direction”

  1. Hey Ken….Sue and I will be in Houston (near the airport) on Feb. 27th to begin our cruise — will you be near there on the 27th ?


    1. Bill — Great to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. Unfortunately, Ellen and I will be in DC taking care of grandkids at the end of February. They are paying to fly us there so they can get a vacation. If we can’t connect before September, I’ll look forward to seeing you then. Enjoy the cruise! Ken

  2. I’m so far behind with your posts! When you were having notification issues back in dec. i believe, i began my own journey …. starting the process of having my parents move to spokane! Last week was seriously the first week that life was becoming normal again 🙂 Thinking of you and realizing I wasn’t getting blog notifications so sitting here with my coffee and spending an hour “starting to catch up with ya’ll” before waking my folks up! And I did hear about your return to spokane and ellen’s surgery. prayers and love to you both xx p.s. i did sign up again for the notifications 🙂

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