Villefranche, France

Another post where there is little to say. Villefranche is a small town on the French Riviera. It is not glitzy like Monaco, nor famous like Cannes or Nice. Its main claim to fame was as a backdrop for the Cary Grant movie “An Affair to Remember.”

The cruise ship anchors offshore, requiring everyone to take a “tender” or shuttle boat, to get to shore. From there, we could have taken a day trip to any of these nearby famous locations, but after two intense tours in a row in Rome and Cinque Terre, we decided a mellow day was in order. So we simply caught the tender, grabbed a drink on the beach and kicked back to enjoy the view. Then we wandered down a couple of quaint side streets, found a lovely covered al fresco cafe for lunch, then wandered casually back to the tender. Life is good.