Stirling Castle (Glasgow), Scotland, UK

Most everyone has heard of Mary, queen of Scots, aka Bloody Mary. It not, they might have heard of William Wallace, aka Braveheart. Or perhaps they heard of Richard the First, sometimes called Richard the Lionhearted.

What do these, three of the most colorful figures in British history, have in common? They all shared castles built on the same location. Richard’s castle was an earlier version, but the current Stirling Castle, first built in 1490, housed the others and stands intact to this day. Why here? Location, location, location. Located in the center between the Scottish highlands and lowlands, and midway between the coastal centers of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and high on hill for excellent defense, it is the perfect strategic location. And as you can see, it is still fully functional.

Not only is the castle intact, but it has been filled with period art, actors who dress and play the part, and other rooms filled with wax characters that show life in the castle.

Weather was inclement, as often in Scotland, so lighting was a little difficult, but it was a great experience and one we highly recommend.