Paris’ Picturesque “Iron Lady”

It is almost impossible to take a bad picture of, or from, the Eiffel Tower, whom the Parisians call “The Iron Lady.” By day, it towers above its surroundings, looming majestically above the Seine and peeking out between the buildings and landmarks in a dozen different directions.

From the top, all of Paris stretches out before you. At night she shines as the unquestioned beacon and hallmark of the city. And once every evening hour, she puts on party face and dazzles with a brilliance that that brings oohs and aahs from the expectant crowd that has patiently waited the moment, as the normal golden glow is augmented by 20,000 individual lights that flash at random from every part of the edifice.

No, the Iron Lady never disappoints, as you can see from the pictures below.