Northern Italy — July 2021

For the first time in almost a year and a half, Italy is open to American tourists. With our UK trip no longer possible, we decided to test out their welcome mat, and booked our trip as soon as the announcement came that we could visit without quarantine.

As you can see from other blog entries, we have made repeated attempts to try to get to Europe. All of the other trips were planned on the hopes that the countries would be open when the time came. This time, it is open NOW. So we booked the trip on 3 weeks notice, the earliest timeframe where we could find reasonable airfare.

Summer is not our favorite time to visit this part of the world; too hot and (normally) too many people. So we decided to focus on the northern section of the country, where temperatures will be cooler. The plan is to spend 16 days there:

  • Fly into Milan (cathedral, Last Supper mural)
  • Celebrate our anniversary in Verona (setting for Romeo and Juliet)
  • Spend 4 days in the Dolomites (Italian Alps)
  • Visit Lake Garda (staying in an Airbnb castle!)
  • Fly home from Milan

Stay tuned for pictures…and pray that, after a year and a half, it finally happens!