Minute Man National Historic Park

Lexington and Concord were the sites of the first two skirmishes of the US War for Independence. In 1775, British troops from Boston set out for Concord to capture a weapons supply. Paul Revere and two other riders carried the news that the soldiers were on the move. They were met by revolutionaries at the village green in Lexington and beat back the local forces with no British casualties. But by the time they reached Concord, the Colonials were ready, and defeated the British regulars in the first real battle of the war, forcing them to retreat all the way back to Boston.

Minute Man National Historic Park memorializes the events of that day. We parked near Lexington and toured the visitor center and historic tavern on foot, then drove to Concord, unloaded the bikes, and spent a delightful afternoon touring the area, including the preserved homes of several famous American authors. We recommend this visit highly and fall is a great time to come.