Meet “Mr. Charlie”

One of the cool things about being full-time RVers is having the opportunity to tweak your plans based on the people you meet and suggestions they make.

After a delightful month in the hill country (an excellent suggestion from Jim and Twila Rose), we made a brief stop in Louisiana on our way to New Orleans. We struck up a conversation with another couple, who told us about one of those “hidden gems” they had just experienced. By changing our route just slightly, we would be able to take a personalized tour of “Mr. Charlie,” the first offshore oil rig. It is the first time we have attempted to do sightseeing on a travel day, i.e., haul our 62 feet length through the midst of a town not made for such adventure.

Mr. Charlie is old and rusted, dating from the late 60’s and now used only for training and tours. But it taught us how Louisiana became the second largest oil producing area of the United States. They do two tours a day, and ours had only 4 people. So not a lot of people will ever experience this. But thank you, Dennis and Anita. It was an unexpected adventure.