Harley Davidson Museum

We headed toward Milwaukee to visit my 18th baseball park. Unable to find anything closer to Milwaukee, we camped about 90 minutes away. This limited the time available to us for sightseeing there. But one thing I had to see was the official museum dedicated to the 114 year old legacy of William Harley and the three Davidson Brothers: Arthur, William, and Walter. Historical note: since Harley is the one who came up with the idea of the motorized bicycle, the Davidson brothers agreed his name should be first, but all 4 contributed key skills to the team. Two were draftsmen and designers, one was a machinist, and the final member a mechanic. Some might argue that a Harley owner still needs all those skills to keep the bike on the road.

The museum is fascinating, showing the development of the cycle from its earliest bicycle-based form to modern road machine, tracing all the company crashes and phoenix-like revivals along the way.

Since we chose to visit the museum after the baseball game, I was fortunate to witness the Mecca-like nature of “bike night,” as Harley riders from miles around converge on the place in a periodic rally, lured by the comradery, free live music and available food. Just guessing, but I’m willing to bet that beer was in abundant supply as well.

The pictures below capture the essence of my visit. The heading picture came from a Google search on the company founders.