This page is for Bryan grandkids only. Our goal is to share some of what is going on with Grandma and Grandpa today, and to have you come on the journey with us. We hope you like it!

Dec 9, 2019 — Camp Grandma and Grandpa

Anna and Luke, this slideshow is for you. Remember when you came to see us on spring break and we went to Legoland and Worlds of Fun amusement park? These are some of our favorite pictures from that trim. We hope you like them. Click here.

Nov 9, 2019 — Fire Trucks in the 1850’s

Tyler and Bentley, this video is especially for you. This town in California was built to look just like it did in about 1850. At that time there was a huge fire in the town, so they bought a special fire truck and built special cisterns that were really old fashioned fire hydrants. And the firemen themselves pushed the truck. They also pumped the water by hand. Would you like to do that? We thought you would like the story. Click here.

October 15, 2019 — Fire Trucks in Oregon

Grandma and Grandpa Bryan are traveling to Arizona for the winter. On our way we stopped to see Tyler and Bentley’s family in Oregon. The boys stayed with us in our trailer, and we went with them to three different fire stations that were open for a special day. It is called a scavenger hunt because you try to collect a stamp from 3 different fire stations and a police station.

Click here to see pictures from a wonderfully fun day. Thanks, Tyler and Bentley! We love you!

July 17, 2019 — Grandpa’s Drone

Grandma and Grandpa are in a campground near St. Regis, Montana. Do you know where Montana is? St. Regis is a very small town very near Idaho.

Click here to see a short movie that Grandpa made with his drone. What can you see of our campground? Can you find our trailer? It is the one with the motorcycle on the back. How about the swimming pool? Grandma likes it a lot. What is the area around us like? It will be hard, but can you find Grandpa near the end of the movie?