As every Evins family member knows, our Grandfather (William Wesley, occasionally known to friends as Bill but generally known as “WW”) started a family reunion that met every year for about 65 years.  I was only privileged to attend a few of these, and we hosted the last one.

WW and Mary had 18 grandchildren, and by the time it was this generation’s turn to host the reunions, we discovered that the clan was too spread out and diverse to make a reunion feasible.  But one of the goals of our travel is to connect with as many of the remaining cousins and their families as possible.  Sort of like a “progressive dinner,” we are having our own “progressive reunion.”  These are photos from cousins and their families that we have connected with thus far.

Sadly, we have already lost 4 of the cousins, and several spouses. The 14 that remain are me, my 2 sisters, and 11 of our first cousins. On this trip so far, I have connected with 7 of the 11: (KJ, Beverly, Barbara, Twila, Billie Jean, Glen, and Terry Mike) and 6 spouses (Diann, Gary, Jim, Linda, Geneva, and Angela). The ones I am missing so far are Derrel and Tina in Texas, Jerry in Kansas, and Donald Lee in Carolina. Hopefully I can pick up all of these, as plan to visit all of these states still in the future.

Of the 7 original children and spouses (our aunts and uncles), only my mom, aunt Jean and Aunt Mae remain. I was privileged to see both Mom and aunt Jean this month. Mae was ill when we went through west Texas this time.

I hope you enjoy seeing the family. I have some additional pictures of Jim and Twila’s kids and grandkids to add to this later.