Edinburgh, Scotland

“All the leaves are brown, and the skies are grey. I’ve been on a walk, on a winter’s day.”

That line from the song “California Dreamin” seems a perfect fit for our day in Edinburgh (pronounced edin-boro). It was September, but it certainly looked and felt winter-like: overcast, wet, and cold. As you can see by the photos, good lighting was hard to come by.

The major sights in town are along the Royal Mile: a fairly steep stretch of road from the old castle on the top of the hill to the queen’s summer palace at the bottom. Along this busy thoroughfare are nice shops, landmarks (such as the home of John Knox, the famous Presbyterian Reformation leader), and eateries (where you can try haggis if you wish). This stroll comprised our day. It was pleasant, considering the weather, but the most welcome parts were the Starbucks shop at the beginning (with the best view of any Starbucks I have ever seen) and the cozy eatery where we enjoyed a warm lunch, which included some sampler haggis bites (think unusual meatloaf).

We were glad to get back to warmth, but enjoyed the day. Would love to see it in more pleasant conditions, although I suspect that is relatively rare.