Cruise Part 2: Santorini, Split, Korcula, Koper

The picture above is our cruise ship. The circle marks location of our cabin, which we enjoyed.

The last four stops on our cruise were all ports that were new to us. Santorini is perhaps the most visited and photographed of all the Greek islands. The whole island is the caldera of an ancient volcano. You will likely recognize the pictures of the whitewashed houses and blue domed churches.

Split is a fairly modern town containing the ancient palace of Diocletian, the only Roman ruler to abdicate his throne and retire, circa 300 A.D. Ironically, he persecuted Christians and built his own burial mausoleum here. But after his death, the Christians took over the site and turned it into a church.

Korcula (KOHR-chew-luh) is smaller, prettier, and has a delightful old town to wander in.

Koper, Slovenia, is poorer, having suffered under a harsher Communist rule. We visited on Sunday, when 90% of the town was closed, so have only a taste of what it is like.


These photos are from the picturesque town of Oia (EE-uh). Blue water is the center of the caldera.



Fun town to walk and great view from the bell tower, as you can see.


Obviously poorer, as is evident from the fact there are no interesting pictures from when I climbed this bell tower. Stopped for a morning snack and wound up staying for lunch of local goulash. Tasty.