Contrasting War Museums

New Orleans boasts two war museums, right across the street from one another. One is the official United States World War II Museum. It is huge and modern, with 5 buildings, massive high-tech presentations, and fully restored airplanes hanging everywhere. The other is the Confederate Civil War Museum. It is the oldest museum in the state, and is essentially one large room with a small hallway to the side that contains a few overflow exhibits. Most of the exhibits are memorabilia donated by Confederate officers and enlisted men after the war. In this era of political correctness, it stands as a subdued reminder that in wars bravery, honor, and pain are not forgotten by the families of the losing side of a war.

I am thankful that we were urged by several people to come here, and particularly to see the World War II museum. There is a multimedia movie, complete with vibrating seats, huge props and fake snow that will amaze you. It is narrated by Tom Hanks. When it ended, several people, including us, in the packed house simply said “Wow,” then broke into applause. Called “Beyond All Boundaries,” it is not to be missed.