Como: Lake of Soul-stirring Beauty

Lake Como, vacation home to the rich and famous, lies only an hour from Milan. On one of our last days in the city, we joined a dozen other tourists for our only narrated tour of the trip. In nine hours, we used buses and boats to tour the towns of Como and Bellagio, and the see all the villas and vistas in between.

If you are a movie-watcher, this may look familiar. At least 26 different directors have used Lake Como as a setting. Some recent movies include Casino Royale (Bond movie), Oceans Twelve, Star Wars Episode II, and The Other Man (Liam Neeson). In earlier days, it was the setting for epic movies about Caesar, Spartacus, Cleopatra, and many more.

But for this blog entry, I’m not going to give details or captions, because it is all about the essence of the place. Hopefully we captured just a bit to feed that romance in your soul. And if none of this moves you, something is seriously wrong.