Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park is our 13th national park to visit in just over two years. It bears similarities to many other parks, most notably the ones in Utah, but it is definitely an entity all its own.

The main loop road through the park is 26 miles of paved road with dozens of pullover vista lookouts and a surprising amount of wildlife, as you can see from the pictures below. Despite being over 1200 miles from the bulk of the western fires, there was a haze over much of the park that dulled pictures, particularly taken at any distance. But the wildlife scenes were thrilling and the rock formations interesting and at times spectacular. Counting the many stops you will want to take for pictures, you can see almost the entire park in under 3 hours.

A word of warning: the first side road we took was a dirt road that was the roughest, most washboard-y park road I have ever encountered. Our rig was so jostled that it worked one of our air pressure sensors loose on a rear tire, causing us to lose about 20 pounds of air pressure before we heard it hissing. It may be borderline acceptable for a car, but for a small RV it was not.