Year 1 Video Summary

Coming out of Hiding

We have been hunkered down for a month now, focusing on Ellen’s knee surgery and the recovery process. As that effort has eased a bit, I decided to spend more time with the video editing program (Power Director 17) and document our entire first year on the road. This is by far my most ambitious effort to date and represents a synthesis of maps, pictures, music and videos to capture our month-by-month process. It is almost 18 minutes long, so condenses each month’s adventures to about 90 seconds.

This is the first time I have tried combining photos, drone footage, GoPro videos and mapwork. If you like it, be sure to give me a thumbs up on YouTube. All feedback is welcome!

The first year video is found here.

4 thoughts on “Year 1 Video Summary”

  1. Well young man, I will be looking at this again for sure. Your first time is very good and enjoyable too. Of course, all of what you have shared with us all through the year helps me to reminisce again as though I was there when the pictures were taken.
    Great to know Ellen is doing fine. Well, both of you, you know what I mean 🤓.

    1. Thanks, KJ. This has truly been a remarkable year. I’m so glad we did it. Hope to see you again on the next go-round!

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