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Lifelong Friends the Karmans (above) and Deatherages (below)

Lifelong friends the Deatherages (Elsie was the maid of honor at our wedding).

Great reunion with Thieles from Curlew and Betsy and Joel LeBret.  We were able to hear Joel teach on Labor Day weekend.                                                                                                                                     
At Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Albuquerque, where I caught up with childhood friend Jimmy Reed.  We had not seen each other for 52 years!  It was a very enjoyable reunion, as the first question was, “So, what have you done with yourself for the last 50 years?”  We discovered many similarities and differences to the paths we have taken.
We had a wonderful dinner with our best man, Dr. Carl Freeman, whom we had not seen in 45 years, and his lovely wife Charlene.