Beartooth Highway Motorcycle Video

Our Beartooth Highway motorcycle trip was spectacular. In addition to the photos posted previously, I also took some video from the GoPro mounted on the front of the Can Am. This video combines the video footage, photos and music, condensing the essence of the 2-hour ride (each way) to just under 6 minutes. It is my most complete video. Enjoy!

Click here to watch the video.

4 thoughts on “Beartooth Highway Motorcycle Video”

  1. What an awesome video, Wayne! The scenery is gorgeous and I love the music! You
    did a great production! Love love love you and Ellen! Thank you so much for sharing! –Billie

    1. Thanks, Billie! It was my favorite day yet on a motorcycle, and I hope that came through in the video. Thanks so much for your feedback. Love you lots!

  2. Yes to what Billie wrote.
    Having played Big Band music in HS & Jr. College jazz Band like that makes me want to get my trumpet 🎺 out and jass it up some. Yes!!!
    As you take the curves with the music, I can just imagine couples swinging and twirling to the beat. Love it.
    You keep sending these productions out and you may find us waiting outside your door some morning ready to join you.

    1. Thanks, KJ. It was fun putting this together. I have a list of the top 10 motorcycle rides in the US, and we have done 4 of them. The day on Beartooth Pas was by far the best. I hope to post some more video soon from the Arizona desert.


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